Jordan's post: Nov 12

Sunday, November 12

         We had breakfast in the Lijiang hotel and after that we left the hotel around 9 am. Today we had a 5 and a half hour bus ride to Shangari-la. We visited places on the way though so it didn't seem that long. During the drive we saw beautiful views of mountains and bright blue skys. And we also saw the Yangtze River, the longest river in china, also known as the thrid longest river in the world. After a bumpy bus ride we arrived at The First Bend of the Yangtze River, where a bunch of people came and wanted to take pictures of us and with us. The attraction was in the town Shigu (means stone drum). The river does a complete 180 degrees because of a mountain, which is what makes it a big attraction.
         After getting back on the bus, we passed a guy with a big group of goats walking alongside the road. After a while we also saw the Jade Dragon Mountain. We took a bathroom break, and personally I think (and I think everyone else who also went in agrees with me) that this was the weirdest bathroom I've been to in China. Not only did you have to pay to use it, they had no doors and each stall only had a wall that went up to your stomach so you could see everyone. And there were no toilets, alot of people know that in china there are squat toilets, here there was just a indent in the floor where everything just flows through each stall. Aside from that though, it was fairly clean. Then we got a different tour guide and went to the Tiger Leaping Gorge. After that we went to lunch around 12:30. Where we were for lunch had a beautiful view of the mountains.
         Next, we went to see more of the Tiger Leaping Gorge. It was really sunny and chilly even though we weren't very high up. We had to walk down so many stairs, they were endless. Once we reached the bottom and saw the viewsafter that, all I could think about was that we still had to walk all the way back up. After all that I learned that there were 1,200 stairs in total there. When we got back on the bus there was about 2 more hours until we got to Shangri-la.
         We checked into the hotel at 5:00 and walked around for a while to shop and had dinner at 6:30. For dinner we went to a pizza place, but they served us a bunch of different things besides pizza. We had fried eggplant, spinach with something that gave it a delicious taste, pork with potatoes, and a bunch of other different foods. I liked this restaurant because it was different from the restaurants we've been to these past few days.


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