Nicole's Post: November 14, 2017

Today was the 9th day of the trip to china and this is what we did today. 

We started off the day by waking up at 7:30 and me and my roommate Anna went down to breakfast at 8:00 at breakfast we got noodles and other food but the noodles were the best. After breakfast we got on the bus and went to a Potatso National Park. When we were at the park it was really cold that i couldnt feel my fingers but it was a beautiful view of the river and the different colors of the trees. 

Once we left the park we ate lunch at this little restaurant. The food was amazing and the set up was nice. The table was heated so we were warm instead of freezing like we were when we were outside. And then the food came out and we had rice, amazing fries, fired pork, and dumplings along with some tea and Sprite. Once we were done with our food we ended up taking the other tables food because there are 14 of us so we cant all fit at one table so we split up and the other table didnt eat some of their food so we took it. 

After lunch was over we went to visit a temple and we our tour guide explained a lot about the buddhas. Once we left there we have two hours to shop around the old village and me and my friends got a few things to bring back home. 

Once we finished up with shopping we went out for dinner at a hotel and the food was good there too. Once again at dinner we took the other tables food and we were just hanging out and laughing and making jokes. 

Now its 8:32pm and im writing this waiting at the airport to leave for Kunming and we will get there around 10:30pm. 


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