November 17, 2017 - Post from Celine:

This morning I was woken up by the sound of waves crashing onto the shore, good thing I had set my own alarm because a soft knock on the door is not enough for me to actually wake up. As I rushed out of bed, got ready and ate breakfast, in less than 30 minutes I was prepared to start another day at Guan Ming High School. This morning my host student and I, “Mao Mao” or “Black” got to school at around 6:50 thanks to the light traffic. We were the first ones to open the classroom door and sit down, as other shuffled inside placing their wet umbrellas down. Throughout the first period class- Chinese, many students were very fatigued struggling to keep their eyes open. At the end of the period their teacher let everyone have some rest time and CiCi (Chloe’s host) walked us upstairs to meet with everyone for our adventure to the Shanghai museum. Accidentally stepping into large puddles of water, making our way to the museum was an interesting walk. Strolling through beautiful exhibits and examining older artifacts was beyond cool to experience. As two hours have passed, it was time for everyone to head back to school for some lunch. Entering the lunch room is always an uncomfortable feeling to experience due to the constant staring. When lunch was over Chloe and I walked with CiCi upstairs to where our study session was being held. During the study session I was productive and got much of my Chinese work finished, which is a big relief to feel. Once two thirty struck, out hosts picked us up and a group of us took the subway to the temples, where there were many choices of local street food and small shops. A couple Yuan later, small little bags of knick-knacks were stacked in my backpack. Walking through the slippery streets of cold Shanghai, there was some confusion on where a certain hot pot restaurant was located. We ended up not going to the hot pot restaurant and eating some fried dumplings at a food court, which turned out to be very delicious and not expensive at all. The mob of us walked to the bund where you could capture a gorgeous view of the pearl tower and other tall buildings next to it. All of us had the idea to start walking back to a subway station and head home. The rough wind and annoying rain was the reason behind our soaking wet clothing and shoes. Taking the subway home was different than in New York, where the subway stations were very clean. A little bit of confusion with which stop to get off and change trains, but we made our way back home safely. Our feet dragged themselves inside as I closed my eyes under the shower head and easily climbed into bed. 


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