Shannon's Post - 11/14/17 Blog


Last night we arrived back in Kunming and stayed in the same hotel we did the first time we were here. This morning, wake up call was at 8:30AM, which was nice because it’s a bit later than our other ones have been. After eating breakfast at the hotel, we left for the stone forest at 10AM. 


During the bus ride, we wrote our introductions for tomorrow, since we’ll be arriving at our sister school. We all have to do an introduction of ourselves in front of the school. I think it shouldn’t be too bad; I hope the students like us! 


Before arriving at the stone forest, we had an earlier lunch than usual. It was a little different because we all got to sit at one table. Plus, the food was really good, as well. That was also a little different than usual; there were a few different dishes that tasted really good. My favorite was the cabbage, though, even if they had it at almost every meal. But honestly everything tasted really good!


We arrived to the stone forest at around 1:30PM. At the entrance to the stone forest, there was a really pretty lake. The cool thing about the lake was that it didn’t occur naturally; it was man made. As we made our way further into the stone forest, all the rocks were so pretty. Tina, our tour guide, explained to us that they used to be underwater, but because of an earthquake, they were finally able to be seen. She also mentioned that a lot of the rocks look similar to other things, such as one rock looking like an eagle, one looking like a dog, and one looking like a man with an axe. Most people don’t think of the stone forest when they think of China, but I’m really glad we were able to see them. Since this is our last day of traveling before we go to our sister school, it’s good that we were able to end it on a high note! When we were talking through the forest, there was some sort of band playing music. Although this has nothing to do with the stone forest, there was a really cute baby dancing to the music. All the babies we’ve seen are so cute!


We left the stone forest at around 3:00PM, and went to the airport from Kunming to Shanghai. Since our flight is at 8:00PM, we ate dinner at the airport. Most people got some sort of noodle, but I decided to get rice. It was honestly really good, and I wish America had that type of food! After boarding the airplane, we arrived in Shanghai at around 11:30PM, and the bus ride from the airport to the hotel was one hour. I’m finishing writing the blog on the bus ride to the hotel! I’m excited to meet all the students at our sister school tomorrow!


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